About the network

The network aims to win and retain top talents, in particular dual career couples who are considering relocating to northern Bavaria.

Dual career couples (DCCs) are: ‘couples where both partners are usually highly-qualified and career-orientated, and who both follow an independent career path’ (quote modelled on Solga/Wimbauer [2005]).

For these couples, the amalgamation of their professional careers to dual careers – the successful pursuit of a professional career by both partners – is becoming ever more important (DCND 2013).


Newly-appointed professors and international post-docs of our member institutions as well as their partners can benefit from our support services. Subject to consultation and depending on available capacities, our services may also be offered to partners of newly-appointed managerial staff in higher-level positions in the central administration of our member organisations, as well as junior group leaders in non-university research establishments.

DCNN member organisations are committed to improving the balance between managing employment, academic careers and family responsibilities. The network both provides advice and support in finding employment and offers comprehensive information on relocating to northern Bavaria.

Since often only one partner is employed in an academic position, the network also co-operates specifically with regional network partners from industry and with other service providers, associations and organisations to secure highly qualified managers and specialists for the economic development of northern Bavaria.

We are also happy to support our network partners in recruiting dual career couples, especially couples looking for employment in academia. However, due to capacity restraints, we are usually only able to offer a limited service here (initial orientation interview and providing contacts in the network).

While we cannot guarantee you employment, we will help you as much as we possibly can to find a suitable job. You can find more information about the services the network provides here: services

  • If you would like to co-operate with the network or require further information, please contact our network co-ordinator
  • To find out more about how the network functions, see how we provide support


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