How we provide support

Who can we help?

  • Partners of newly-appointed professors and international post-docs in the member organisations
  • Subject to negotiation and depending on available capacity, services may also be offered to partners of newly-appointed managerial staff in higher-level positions in central administration of the member organisations, as well as junior group leaders in non-university research establishments.
  • We are also happy to support our network partners in recruiting dual career couples, especially if they are looking for an academic position. However, due to capacity restraints, we can only offer a restricted service here (initial orientation interview and facilitation of contacts in the network).

How are DCNN contacts made?

  • Member institutions inform the DCNN that they require support.
  • Applicants can also contact the DCNN directly. We then work closely together with the employer and the applicant.

I would like apply for your services. What do I have to do?

  • When you contact us, we will arrange an interview with you either in person or by telephone. We will advise you how we can support you, discuss your career perspectives and decide further actions with you.
  • To enable us to prepare the consultation, complete and return the contact form (PDF).
  • Please help us to improve our service to you by describing your preferred professional field and giving details of employers you have already contacted.

What services does the DCNN offer?

  • The find out more section on the DCNN Website offers helpful links and answers to many common questions.
  • The DCNN can make contact with partner childcare facilities, schools, and further training and education organisations.
  • We can help you to find a suitable position and give you information about potential employment opportunities in the region and the profiles preferred by our partners. With your agreement, the DCNN can contact prospective employers and ask them to appraise the suitability of your application for an already advertised or potential position. The DCNN can also provide a letter of endorsement explaining your dual career circumstances and requesting sympathetic consideration. However, please appreciate that we cannot guarantee an offer of employment.
  • We can also create an anonymous qualification profile for presentation to potential employers on the DCNN website.

Are DCNN services subject to time limitations?

  • We will endeavour to help to the best of our abilities. Our services are available to you for a period of up to one year. After this time, we will hold an evaluation meeting with you and consider appropriate action.